Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Assignment 4: Take Me With You.

this week i have decided to get all gertrude stein* on your ass and to be moved by moving in the way we move towards things.

the assignment: document your commute to work, however you want. just show us how you go.

deadline: let's give it about a week from this post. midnight, your time wednesday, february 4. s'okay?

the punishment: you have to post yourself saying the words "i, (insert name here) am a cocksucking whore, and though i want to say i'm sorry for being such a cocksucking whore, i know that there is no apology as it is my destiny to always be a cockhungry, cocksucking whore**. And i still love the band Kris Kross. The end."

love you kate!

*i am just trying to attract post modern poetry fans to this site.
**also, cocksucking whores.

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