Saturday, February 6, 2010

cartography lessons.

Rule Number One of Cartography School: Always spell check your maps before you publish them, idiot. The real name on my Map was meant to be "Quandaryville" which is the state in which i currently reside, famous for its unending perplexities and wide array of sugary snacks. Currently on rotation: Doughnuts, Banana Bread or Swedish Fish? But then again, when I really think about it, I'd prefer it to be pronouced "kwan-dree-ville" because, well, I just like how that sounds better, I mean, I think it sounds better than "kwan-duh-ree-ville," yeah, because the "duh" makes it sound like there is an OBVIOUS answer hidden in there somewhere, which--and I have looked for it--there is NOT! So maybe my lack of proofreading skills resulted in a fruitful omission after all. Should i retake the photos or leave them, then? Another Quandary. Thanks, Quandryville.

(I'm not sad. I'm just on the phone. Wondering.)

Where am I?
Tomorrow i am going home, to visit my Mom.
How is She?

Then I'll return to my apartment in Chicago.
Then, maybe, I'll come find you?