Monday, June 22, 2009

assignement twenty


1.) It's roughly larger than the country of Croatia! And I bet it has more dead fish too!

2.) It and its cousins the Great Lakes (cool family name alert!) have been around since the Ice Age when giant ice glaciers scored the land with their giant ice bodies! They were the victim of land rape but survived to tell the tale--makes you feel good to know that those pesky glaciers don't always get the upper hand, doesn't it?

3.) When there is traffic i usually transform into an evil, rage filled, road gremlin in my vehicle. Not on Lake Shore Drive! It's pretty! There's a Ferris Wheel! A wave pool! Not too skinny people running--good for them! Dude on Rollerblades! And in the winter--the color WHITE! Also i like that Chicagoans abbreviate lake shore drive as plain old "LSD." it makes me feel like a road hippie instead.

4.) I drink its water straight out of the tap, every morning. Saves me a shit ton of money to buy fig newtons and shelf bra tank tops.

5.) It's bigger than me. It's older than me. It's greater than me. But i don't care. And i genuinely like having it around. Philosophical comfort alert!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Compl-eat: Assignment Twent-HEYYY

What do I love about my city? The desserts. Yeah no one wants to talk about the desserts in LA because no one else but me eats them. It's like if no one drove cars in Texas- all that oil would be YOURRRRRRRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I bring you something I love about my city in the shape of desserts in the shape of free verse poems
Yes, Dicky, you can share with me.
No, Dicky, I changed my mind.
This apple. This fritter. This be mine.
Crunchy on the outside. Soft on the in. Like. Me.
Real apple?
Then let's play pretend. Let's pretend you are healthy.
Just over a dollar?
Fuck you, Bob's. That's called enabling a habit forming addiction.

Fruit or cocoa pebbles or mochi balls go on you.
You are frozen yogurt but you taste like lemon.
You taste like a mystery.
You taste like a secret.
You taste like Hush Hush. Hushhhhhhhh.
You have crack cocaine in you.
That is probably the secret hush hush mystery.

I only just found you and you rocked my world hard.
Like a rock that is hard. A hard rock. If. You. Will.
There's no describing you, except for to call you by name.
Apple Pie Shake.
Yep. That's exactly what you are.
You don't

You don't even make sense. And yet,
you are everything child Kate has ever wanted in a sweet.
Nothing could ever over-shadow your creation. Unless of course...
Skittles Sandwich on Nerds Bread.
Child Kate is still holding out for that.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

assignment twen-tay!

this is (maybe) a hard one, because I am currently trapped in a bubble of negativity about the ants in my apartment and lack of career options...BUT...

you have one week to capture something that you love about the city that you live in.
or just "like like" if you are not into that love kind of thing.


deadline: next sunday the 21 of june. midnight.

punishment: sign up for a twitter account. twitter "(insert your name here) is gay for giant cheeseballs from cheetos." every hour, on the hour, for an entire day. question: do you have those weird giant cheetos cheeseballs that come in packs of two at the grocery store in LA? because if not that is maybe the thing I love about Chicago.

Misses Kisses--the best of the Midwest.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Assignment 19 Kompleat

Okay here is the saga with this.
1. I forgot.
2. I filmed something when I saw my video camera as I was leaving this morning.
3. I tried every computer at work and nothing would upload this video onto the blog. (Waiting out 3 hours of "uploading" on one computer)
4. I made a Youtube site for us on the chance that it would upload better. It did

And yes, I laugh sometimes when I see Dicky laughing. I think we are hilarious which of course, makes us not hilarious.

assignment 19 complete

i had to do it. my childhood obsessive means of self expression--the acrostic!

L oving and caring like a lollipop
A lways sweet but not too much
U gh! boys are making fun of this.
R adaliscious to the extreme, i got them back, yeah!
A re you l
istening? Butterflies.

i wrote this, and while i wrote this i pouted the whole time, like this...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Assignment 19- Flashback, Flashback Style

I watched Mr. Mom last night. I used to watch that movie as a kid. It turns out I really liked being a kid better than I do being a Kate now. So let's go back.
Your task is do to something that you would have done as a kid and capture it any way you see fit. (Note: If I lived near my sister, I would complete the assignment by hiiting her and lying about it).

You have until next Tuesday, June 9 to do so. Go wild.

Punishment: You have to apply for three office jobs online, you fucking adult, you.