Sunday, August 16, 2009

21: My summer chooses five

1. Taught at the Cherubs program at Northwestern University from the end of June through July. It is hard. Is is exhausting. It is the most important thing I do with my life. It feeds my insides. The kids this year were extraordinary. I miss them. I miss the way it makes me feel about me.
2. Because I was in Chicago, I got to see my niece and nephew a lot. Usually in my dorm room. Check out this video of Hoksila and Gloria Kate. He is using my toothbrush as an arm washer and pretending to shower behind my window curtain.

3. Mac Book Pro. Motherfuckers! I went Mac this summer- those commercials got to me finally. It's the sexiest thing I've ever owned (and I own a LOT of Barack Obama pictures). My wallet is sexily thin for the next year because of it.
4. Scariest thing to ever happen to me occurred two days after I got back to LA (about a week and a half ago as I write this): Robbed at gunpoint. Do not have video or photo of this event.

5. And because being mugged at gunpoint isn't enough, I have had extreme apartment problems since returning. Plants growing through my kitchen floor anyone? Grain beetles (yeah, those aren't crumbs) eating everything in my cabinets so that I need to fog the apartment and even THEN they don't all die so I have to throw out $200 of food AND call an exterminator? AND MY OVEN/MICROWAVE BROKE? August can SUCK IT long and hard.

Yay for ending on a frustrating/gross/bad note!!!

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