Friday, November 13, 2009

assignment 30 complete.

i got to geek out in the best way ever (drool, slobber, study, slobber!)

in two weeks my friend arnie will update his podcast, stupid nerd, which will feature an interiew with me....about neon genesis evangelion. that's right. i spent my thursday night talking about the finer points of my favorite anime. AND IT WAS AWESOME.

here is the link?
thank you arnie! i am still blushing!

p.s. the podcast will probably be way too long...because i refused to shut up. just rent the series. it will be worth it, more that experiencing the 2012 apocalypse with john cusack.

also i had a job where i got to look like an elf. and. i. legitmately. enjoyed. wearing. the. elf. ears.

is this my good side... ....or my 7th level druid night elf side?

i miss you world of warcraft.
and i just might rejoin you now that i have made more than $100.00.


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  1. Stumbled across this while scouring the internet for mentions of me or my podcast (which I do). This blog may be the nerdiest thing I've seen in a long time. Love it.