Sunday, December 13, 2009


Document winter? HA! Winter is for fools!!!!!!!!! I live in LA... we don't HAVE winter. We have something called "Wardrobe Change".

"Wardrobe Change" is noted by the mild cooling of weather, allowing you to wear the half of your wardrobe you don't get to wear the other 3/4 of the year. "Wardrobe Change" can also be seen when it rains in Los Angeles, which helps to justify that I have TWO pairs of rain boots for three days of rain.

This past week was a prime example of "Wardrobe Change". Three noticeable instances:
[Modeled by Ellie the elephant. Setting provided by Little Christmas Tree In My Living Room. Yes, even living rooms are affected by "Wardrobe Change".]

Firstly, my pajamas have been affected. Usually I wear shorts and a tank top to bed. Post Wardrobe Change? Comfy long sleeve shirt, velour stretchy pants and calf- high slippers. All necessary, mind you. Apparently my heat doesn't work because I was supposed to have the gas company light the pilot light. GAH!

Secondly, my running attire has changed. Usually in shorts and a tank, (MAYBE even just a sports bra if it's balls hot) and a lightweight, breathable blue running hat. Post "Wardrobe Change"? I get to FINALLY wear my stretch pants, long sleeve dri-fit shirt and a heavier non-breathing hat. Those warm weather running clothes are thankful for the break... they smell from over-use.

Lastly, my work clothes find themselves replaced. Typical outfit before "Wardrobe Change"? Short sleeve shirt, flats and just-above-the-knee skirt. POST "WC"? Sweater dress, wool argyle tights and YES- PINK RAIN BOOTS!!! I don't care that I look bulky... it's "Wardrobe Change", baby!!!

Sanity regained. Thanks, "Wardrobe Change"- I was just about to hang myself from one of my over-worn tank tops. So glad you swooped in and changed it up!

NOTE: Wardrobe Change is only promised until about March. At that point I must begin to wear all of my over-worns again. That is what is known as "Period of Time When I Cannot Tell Time Has Passed Because Every Day Feels the Same". I much prefer "Wardrobe Change".


  1. a.) where did you get those slippers

    b.) they make both "breathable and "non-breathable hats?"

    c.) tell me honestly, what is the coldest it has been there. be honest.

  2. also when do you come baaaaaaack to chi town city?

  3. A) Old Navy last year, but I see they have them again this year. Stupid cheap. Just do it.

    B) Yes. Fact.

    C) Nothing below 40, and that's when we're in bed anyway.

  4. I am back Christmas Eve and I return to LA LA on January 4th. What is going on.... why did I get a BOMlist email saying you and Jordan are travelling? Are there 2 ls?