Monday, December 14, 2009

Uh OH!

oh man.

i am pissed at myself.

because i was really excited about capturing something about the winter in the windy city--something great about all this blustery, blistery, blizzardy goodness.
to recap: in the past week it snowed twice. and i think with the windchill it dropped to seven below.
but i dropped the ball.

because of alan ball.
the soundtrack to this video is the music on the title sequence to disc 3 season 1 of true blood.
the real reason why i neglected to finish this.
vampire porn.

p.s. sorry how close i got to the camera. i was going to do this other reveal of the tv screen and make a joke about true blood and hahaha but when i realized that video does not show up on video i ditched it and hahaha congrats to you for getting to look at my face.

p.p.s my eyes are bloodshot because i am up all night thinking about recipies to put in the slow cooker and vampire porn.

p.p.p.s. it really is that cold in my apartment. the other day, i slept in my long underwear, jeans, and BOM t-shirt so i would not be cold when i got up to go to the New Feild School Show at 6:45 am.

p.p.p.p.s. why have you not convinced me to move to LA yet?


  1. I lied to NU about living in DG so I could get a commuter pass. Necessary evil.

    This video is delightful. I only ever want to talk to you forhead to forhead.

    Also, you should move to LA. I am being convincing, right? Unfortunately I may be plotting my own escape. Grad school, anyone?

  2. And yes, I DO know forehead has an e