Tuesday, December 22, 2009

assignment 33. Vampire for Hire.

Kate you are going to seriously show me up with this assignment...
but the good news is i got this in on time before i drove home for the holidays!

1.) i have no idea how to add sound on a separate track from a video.
2.) i edited this video in the car on the ride home. we live in the future, y'all!
3.) this is what i look like when i first get up in the morning...my apologies for the rest of your life having seen it. and yes we eat yesterdays leftovers for breakfast.

here he is. bill from true blood. believable, and hot. fangy smooch!


  1. If possible, please incorporate Jordan into more video posts. His ambivalence is incredibly refreshing.

    TEXT OVER VIDEO! You fuckin' nailed it!

    Are you going to Michigan? When are you in the DG/ Chi area?

  2. Agreed. More Jordan.

    But not too much Jordan.