Friday, January 29, 2010

assignment 35: cartography

that's right, for this assignment i invoked a fourth grade vocabulary word!

i have been thinking a lot lately about "WHERE I AM AT" that elusive, half literal, half metaphorical statement which bears down on you like a mindfuck.

also i have been spending 30 minutes every day at the park district on an elliptical machine amongst mothers who have recently delivered their babies, and old couples in winter boots and khaki pants arguing over the stationary bikes, wondering "why am i here?"

because maybe you don't have any reason to be here at all.
you adorable little nobody, you.
or maybe there is a less depressing answer but i just don't know what it is yet.

enter the assignment. brush up on your cartography skills and make a map.
show each other where you are at.

that's all.

deadline: next sunday by midnight.
punishment: pick a random place on a map, drive there, purchase a souvenir and send it to the other person.