Thursday, January 14, 2010

Assignment 35: UGH!

Okay I'm just off to a bad blog start. In a few short hours I am supposed to be on a plane to Philadelphia for a 36 hour stay. I am not packed, this assignment is late and I have no creativity right now- I'm just trying to figure out how to get to Cherry Hill New Jersey once I land in Philly.
That all being said, I have a teacher-like obligation to give an assignment. WE MUST BLOG!

Assignment: Build a fort. Use it for some purpose (the fort where you eat snacks?). Blog about it.

Punishment: Well the first punishment is you don't get to build a fort and forts are fun so you are not having fun. Boom. The second punishment: Don't wash your hands all day. Video tape yourself licking them at the end of said day.

Due Date: Sunday the 23rd. Midnight.