Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fort Laura


We all need shelter.
Always literally, sometimes metaphorically.
Right now, I'll take both.
This is my fort.

Purpose of the fort: To HIDE. from EVERYTHING.

Materials: 1 down filled snow man and happy reindeer blanket
1 plastic cylinder that I won at a white elephant filled with a yard of licorice (used as reinforcement)
1 Adidas sweatband
1 Von Maur Box top (converted into a flag)

Notice I got an award on the flag for perfect attendance.

In the fort I may or may not be doing part time data entry, and I may or may not love it.

And I may or may not be sad, and I may or may not have hope despite it all, and I may or may not be listening to this song from the new spoon album, which snuck up on me quietly, like good things seem to do these days.

The point is you don't know what I am doing, do you, because I am hiding.
But when I come out from underneath there, I may be the Big Bad Wolf come to check out the scene.


  1. what are you trying to tell me far off strangers from a former land?