Thursday, May 14, 2009

Assignment 17: I am 16 going on 17

There were 7 Von Trapp children in "The Sound of Music". I know because I started to ask Google the question, it filled the second half of the question in for me, and BOOM, now I have my answer.
Pertinence? Read on.

The assignment: Record 7 people you know/are friends with/date/cheat on with the person you are dating marching forward and stating their name and relationship to you as the Von Trapps had to do when the Captain blew his whistle. Oh yeah, also figure out what your call would be, since neither of us own a sea-whistle (or do you Laura?!).

Clarification: The seven people do not all have to be together. You can do them at different times in different locations.

Goal: We will be people persons. We will be directors.

Punishment: Post a diary entry from your childhood.

Deadline: I am not sure how to set this deadline... this will either be a really quick task or a really long one. Let's aim for Sunday March 24. Subject to change if either party feels this is unfair.

Q: How do you solve a problem like Maria!?! A: Take away her right to vote and pay her less than what her male counterpart makes.

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