Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Assignment Six Sweeteen: Girly Movie

My mother gives me movies for different holidays. Not movies she has seen, but movies that she thinks look "cute". "I heard it was cute". - Lorraine Mulligan on "Shallow Hal"
"Looked really cute".- Lorraine Mulligan re: Christmas gift of "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium".

I needed to do something girly for this, our 16th assignment, so I decided it might be a perfect time to finally watch one of those "cute" movies. I landed on "Must Love Dogs" which seemed the right combo of cute and girly and tolerable. John Cusack is in it after all... and I think it's funny how fat he has gotten.

Girly Movie: A journey in photographs:
Hey movie piggy, don't eat ice cream... eat low fat yogurt! Girly!

HOW ZANY! These people just broke into song at the family dinner table. I've never seen that before! GIRLY!

Don't cry, Kate, Diane Lane is just acting. That monologue she gave about her husband who stopped loving her isn't real. Totally moving, though, huh? That's something you can understand as a woman, little one... sometimes men will stop loving you and it will make you extra sad. GIRLY!

YAAAAAAY! John Cusack and Diane, after a series of unfortunate misunderstandings, DO get together. But not before she gets on a crew boat and rows out to the lake where he is rowing and jumps off and swims to him. Like in real life! Girly!

Unseen: After movie I had a pillow fight in my panties.

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