Tuesday, May 26, 2009

assignment 18:

hello there.
laura and kate just went coporate.

or at least we're gonna look it.
the assignment is to doodle--
and i mean doodle because the last thing i want to do is give one of us a complex about not being able to draw-
a logo for laura and kate will rock your face.

color it, but only if you want to.
take a picture of it.
post it.

this is a simple one, so this sunday. midnight.
punishment: give yourself HIV. just kidding. and i apologize for being in such poor taste. the punishment is to do something, anything in support of your most hated corporation. so if you hate comcast (i do,) you have to sit on the phone until you reach a comcast operative and tell them how much you love their service. document it. facerawk.


  1. Can you provide more details about your experience with our company? Maybe I can help.


    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  2. dear comcastcares1,

    i hope you are a joke, because if you are, you are a really funny one.

    if not, then how about we do this. you call me and wait on the phone for an hour and twenty minutes for me to get to you. then i'll hang up on you before i give you the answer to a simple question. then call back and i'll give you the wrong answer to your question, then call back again and i will yell at you. give up.

    and meanwhile i will charge you 78 bucks for internet that you are not getting because the technician i sent to your house didn't set it up correctly.

    oh, and also please keep trolling the internet for lame pr attempts at boosting your customer service image instead of helping people when they need it.

    also also anyone who has the option should get their cable tv and internet from qwest, rcn, or anywhere else.

    p.s. if you are a joke you are a really funny one.

  3. El- That guy is real. I googled him.

    You win, though. By a mile.