Sunday, September 13, 2009

assgnment 24.

first of all, this is not me...

second of all, this is not me now, but it was me then--it was highschool marching band day at the NU football game...*

*(careful, this is the most boring video i have ever taken, unless you like watching women struggle with their flag core moves. do you like how i put the footnote as close as possible to the statement i was notating? i learned that in college, you don't do that. i sure learned a lot.)

but northwestern totally won you guys! and it was the first time i set foot in the stadium after graduation, but before i ever watched a football game! ridiculous. i even stood up during plays because i a.) knew what was happening and b.) wanted to see what was happening and c.) cared.
i've grown into an amateur college football fan, something i never thought i would do. not ground shaking,

oh yeah, and because you probably want to know, this is me now...


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