Saturday, September 12, 2009

Assignment 24: Get an assignment notebook

Dear Diary,
I am going to Jefferson Jr. High tomorrow for my first day of 7th grade. It is scary. I wonder why my armpits sweat a lot. Maybe by the time I get to high school I will get so self-conscious about it that I will put a weird medicine under my arms to close my armpit pores, but then be hugely allergic to it as it turns my armpits yellow and I go into the bathroom to itch my pits and cry during every passing period. MAYBE!

You know me, diary, going back to school is all about the new things I get. Mom put asterisks in the store ads next to the school supplies I am allowed to get.

She even let me pick a new backpack. It has to be a Jansport because she's not going to pay a lot of money if it doesn't last through high school.

She also took me to Kohls for some clothes on sale. I wonder why she won't let me shop at Gap and Old Navy like the cool kids. Here is something I now own. Thanks, stupid Kohls.

And also, I wanted these. Aren't they soooooo hot?:

But she wouldn't let me get them... instead I had to get these:

I am most excited about junior high because they have something called snack bar. It's different than hot lunch. It's nachos and milkshakes. I can buy them for $2. I will eat them all the time, with no respect for the fact that one day, when I am 27 specifically, eating such nonsense and not concurrently getting obscenely fat will no longer be possible.

I hope Dan Stowell and I are boyfriend and girlfriend this year. We will talk on the phone a lot. I will give him a kiss on a cheek a year later and have guilt.

Kate, circa age 12

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