Monday, September 21, 2009

assignment 26: contest conquest.

i'm feeling a little competitive.
not with you kate,
but with the world.

check out the lady sporting the laurel leaves. this picture leads me to believe she either won at reading, or being painted.

okay, so here is the assignment:
find a contest. any contest. enter it.
then try to win it.
hopefully this contest will win you money, but really i don't care if you want to spend your time trying to score a years supply of mrs. butterworth bottles (we all know you love waffles.) hopefully, you will share.

i don't know what the rules or the time line are for this contest, so
your post need only tell us what you are doing.
it goes without saying you need to update us with your contest conquest later.

you have almost a week to research
sunday midnight your time.

punishment: there is no excuse. you will have to call me on the phone and apologize.