Saturday, October 17, 2009

Assignment 27: Drunky Brewster

I decided to wait until I was drunk to decide what I was going to do while drunk. I completed two tasks.
One: Free style rap into my phone's voice memo while at waiting at a taco truck for my burrito to appear. I have transcribed the rap. Here it go:

Dick Suck. Dick Suck.
[unclear mumble, then] ZOO.
Dance Floor. Dance Floor. Guess where we've been
Angelina! [Editor's note: Not clear, could also be "Orangina"]
I'm a hip hop club. I'm AT a hip hop club.
I look at Vitamin Water. I am a Diet Coke.
HERE'S MY BURRITO. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Keeping it classy.
Secondly... I decided to run up my apartment stairs. Double chin in tow. Here it go:

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    p.s. you just wrote the end to your screenplay.

    p.p.s i think i enjoyed "walking down the stairs" as much as i enjoyed running up.