Sunday, October 18, 2009

assignment 27

oh how little i get done.
i too, wanted to see where the spirit sent me when i got drunk, thinking i would maybe find some new dance moves, or say something really honest and profound, or at least create a scene.

instead, i texted people.

i went to a fancy fundraiser for a very fancy theater company.
two glasses of wine later (yes that is all it takes,) i tried to help plan the post party.
also according to the following transmission, i might hate women.

12:00 am 10/17/09

on train bitch some to ttrader todds bitch before one am bitch come on mike can come. bitches. remind me to tell you something when we get home. Bitch.

(fyi: mike did not come)

12:25 am 10/1/00

(last helpful piece of party planning info)
in the bak bitc

AND THAT'S ALL ShE WrOTE. Seriously.

p.s. i love women. as long as everyone is my bitch!

1 comment:

  1. Question: Was the person you were texting a bitch?