Monday, October 5, 2009

My first fail

Yeah, I failed Assignment 26 big time. And then for my punishment I was supposed to call and apologize to Laura. So I did it from work, and I recorded it with my cell phone video camera. And guess what... (You've never heard the following from me before)... I can't figure out how to upload the video!!! AND it got cut off. So I've sent it in a video message to Laura. She's now got a voice mail from me and a video message from me.

I did, in my own defense, find a stand up competition to enter, but I don't have $40. My main goal was "Free Candy Contest", because that's all I ever really want- free candy. Nothing much going on now in terms of free candy.

How about I make up my own contest called, who can put a spin on why they failed assignment 26 so big.... (I will win this one).

- My huge showcase happened the week this was due. Been planning it since May.
- I had to go to my cousin's wedding which involved 14 hours of travel but less than 24 hours in the town of the wedding.
- Six more people (all my friends this time) got fired from work, so I am working extra hard now to not meet the same fate.
- I think sometimes I am too sad in LA to be anything other than lazy.
- I took a much needed day trip with my boyfriend to San Diego.

Yeah? Did I win? Did I spin it to satisfaction?

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