Saturday, February 14, 2009

Assignment 5 Complete: Stimulating Economy

First of all, this assignment was really hard.
I had five dollars to spend at the dollar store, and the dollar store, 
for those of you who don't know, is a CORNUCOPIA of MOTHERFUCKING DELIGHTS!

Why yes young drifter, i will allow you to bask here, albeit briefly, in the AWESOME UNCOSTLINESS of HER DOLLARSHIP.

Yeah, that's right, huzzah. 

Foam crown with heart shaped cut outs ($0.99 for three), rivaled only in its decadence by the blinking led light that resides in the heart of the plastic over-sized turquoise diamond ring ($0.99).

Dare you take a closer look at the baubles of the bargain bin?

Hand engraved (sharpie pen found backstage $0.00) with the signature Queen of Blog acronym. Easy on the eyes, easier on the pocketbook. 

But what praytell, does LA BELLE DAME de la DIRTCHEAPDOM serve her esteemed guests along with the hearty mead (tap water $0.00 courtesy of the city of Chicago) poured in abundance at her dining table?

Quandary unquandaried: mini charleston chews ($0.99) 

But who, prithee answer me, are her humble subjects?

Baby chick.  Baby pig.  Baby charleston chews.
($0.99 for the puzzle.) The most modest of all menageries.

I know what you are thinking.  It must be very tiresome being the SUPREME RULESTRESS of the RECESSION REALM.  Have no fear.  The queen is not above queenly diversion.

($0.99). Speaks for itself.

Kate i bought you one of those oversize rings, tell me if you want your stone in turquoise or purple, pictured next to the velvet box.  And you get a crown just for playing.
Also, sorry about the word play.

Much love and anti-lonliness,


  1. oh man. I can't take how much I love that bracelet.

  2. (okay, OVERSIZE RINGS). I am jealous of you both, more than the usual amount.