Monday, February 23, 2009

Assignment 7: Can I Get a Do-Over On That?

Laura, you and I recently discovered that we both have some anger issues. "Some" meaning "a lot" , "anger" meaning "the wrath of Satan" and "issues" meaning "behaviors that are anything but adult-like". Whether you are driving crazy or I am throwing purses at loved ones, we need to figure out a different way to handle our ragie wagie. Rightsies Whitesies? [yes, subliminal... white is right]

The assignment: You get one do-over (a "Mulligan" if we were golfers). Think of the last time you got really furious about something, reacted to it all angry-like and then in hindsight felt really embarrassed about your reaction. Well guess what? Poof- your reaction never happened. You get an anger-pants-do-over! Re-do your anger in that moment in a different, more creative way. Post your new anger. Mind you, it doesn't have to be something you could actually have done in the moment. If you want to make a voo doo doll of the person you had an awkward fight with at work in front of people (PURELY hypothetical), that's fine, even though in that moment you couldn't have whipped up a voo doo doll. Be sure in your post to include some indication of the original incident as well as your original reaction.
Due Date: Well, I am late in posting this due an NY weekend trip, so let's say this is due Monday March 2 by 10:00pm your own time.
Punishment: Failure to complete this on time will end in you taking a picture of your most embarassing pair of (clean) underwear and posting it.

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