Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Assignment 5: Spend yo' dollaz like you wuz watching a strippa

Dear deer Laura-
Our assignment part 1: Stimulate the economy. Go to a dollar store (if you don't have a dollar store, go to the dollar deal section in a Target. If you don't have a Target, return to America because wherever you are is NOT worth it). Spend $5 in the dollar store. $5 and change is acceptable. $6 is crossing the line

Rule: The $5 you spend cannot be towards anything that you need or is useful to a need of yours. No toothbrushes, toilet bowl cleaners, eggs etc. You need to spend $5 on frivolous shit. You CAN spend all of the money on buying 5 of the same thing or duplicates in any permutation you find appealing.

Assignment part 2: Present your items to the blog in any way you please.

Deadline: I'm giving us a week and a half, just so we can be back on a Sunday schedule. Your $5 of crap is due up on the blog by midnight February 15th.

Punishment: You will make a list called "5 Reasons I Think Men are Better than Women". You will post the list and a picture of yourself. We will know you are weakkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

Love to you in the Chi Chi!

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