Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Assignment 3: I didn't need any of this!

Price Breakdown:

Pistaschio Muffin Candle- 99 cents

Nagano Glasses- 2 for 99 cents

Sangria Soda- 99 cents

Choco Fudge Mallo Sundae- 2 for 99 cents

Vanessa Hudgens Tooth Tunes Toothbrush- 99 cents

Total Spent: $4.95

Valentine's Date with Laura: Pricel.... $4.95


  1. I just realized I broke my own rule, "no toothbrushes", which would be in the category "useful items". In my own rule-breaking defense, I would like to say that Vanessa Hudgens is not useful nor is her singing toothbrush. I also will never actually use the toothbrush... it is soft-bristled and I need Medium. But, Laura, if we should find it necessary, I totally get needing to punish me for breaking rules (my own at that).

  2. i thought the toothbrush meant i was sleeping over.

  3. It does mean that. Oh it does. Also I figured out why the song was so soft coming out of the toothbrush. It amplifies only once you press it to your teeth (or as I discovered, if you bend the head back).