Thursday, February 19, 2009

Assignment 6- Learn Yourself to Do Something

Dicky plays guitar and harmonica (and sometimes even both at the same time with the help of one of those over-the-head-Bob-Dylan-esque-harmonica-holders). I decided to learn guitar. I decided almost immediately during my first guitar lesson that I am not a good candidate to learn guitar because "it hurts my fingers" and "I can't push the strings that hard" and "Couldn't I just put it face up on my lap and play it like that?". I decided to learn harmonica instead. Cop. Out. I was good, actually. Then again, apparently Dicky's 6-year old niece was good too.

A few things about this entry...
1. I may never post another video until I get a legit video recorder. Using my camera is detrimental to anyone who has functional ears
2. Keeping number 1 in mind, please note that I do not have a lisp on my S's as the video would imply.
3. Still keeping number 1 in mind, please know that the harmonica actually sounded GOOD and in tune in the REAL WORLD and that's the world that counts. Not blog/camera video world. Right? RIGHT!?!
4. Keeping number 3 in mind... holy shit does this video sound bad.

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