Sunday, March 1, 2009

assignment 7: complete!

my assignment was to re-invent my anger.

so i decided to make a greeting card.



i had a couple of "dress up!"/"haha whore, you're going nowhere!"
kind of auditions this week and i wish i could have handed this out as fair warning to remind myself that the crazy lies inside, lurking, ready to turn that pansy flower into an eye gouger if i am not careful. my anger deserves its own greeting card. "tiny little angry lady me" might be "less diminutive and pretty honest, or at least getting over it with a sense of humor lady me" if i didn't spend so much time trying to ignore her reminders that my job sometimes makes me feel shitty about myself due to the obscure semi-logic of the commercial demigods that are running the place.

moral: open the card and be furiously reminded, so that when you open your mouth to congratulate someone else on their success happy words come out and not the angry ignored angry ones.

(jpk i loves you.)

fury out.

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