Sunday, April 19, 2009

ASS 14: desire under the eavesdrop

disclaimer to the title of this assignment: if people stop suggesting i get a nettie pot i will stop posting assignments with punny titles.

so i met someone in a bar last night that i had wanted to meet for quite some time. don't get yor panties all grunchy...i wanted to meet them in a respect way and not at all anything romance related.

to my surprise, we actually had a conversation, about like, real stuff...not just the "stuff" stuff you tend to talk about when you are meeting a well respected stranger for the first time and are afraid of offending them because you want them to like you. when i woke up this morning i had that feeling of ghost wisdom where someone said something really smart but you forgot exactly what it was because i didn't write it down.

laura shut up and get to the assignment. yes.

assignment 14: eavesdrop...listen...collect some good living quotes that aren't yet posted on a cheesey website somewhere, or i don't care, they can be bad quotes, just as long as they stand out to you and someone says it in your presence.

give us the top three.

and then here will be that cheesey website!

deadline: next sunday at midnight
punishment: tell your parents about that time you lied. record the phone conversation for us to see.

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