Friday, April 17, 2009


Happy Birthday today, when it was still today (April 16th) to one Ms. Laura Grey. She is a friend I love!

i am fucking with this post to see if you notice! HAHAHAHA! easter egg surprise!

Look...we are in hell in this picture! HAHAHAHA! Hell!

Laura poem (to K8)
Dope Ass Kicks.
Reminds me of our Friendship.

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  1. yeah that's right.
    i am wearing a maroon winter vest and iridescent blue-green scarf over a gold eyelet dress for new years eve. and i thought nothing of it at the time

    moral 1: everything comes back to haunt you.
    moral 2: it was cold.

    for my birthday i wish i could look less like a moon faced tweenish troll with a cowlick in pictures! alas!