Sunday, April 26, 2009

FIFTEEN: On fire

I won't say why I'm choosing this. I won't say who I'm choosing this for. But I hope that it helps the secret person who I'm hoping it will help.

The Assignment: Fire someone in your life. OR fire something about your life. Do it in blog form (in other words present the firing to the blog, do not actually fire anyone or anything). You're the boss, you get to do the firing. If it's the friend that's always late to your Wednesday night movie nights, FIRE THEM. If its your water bottle that always leaks in your purse- FIRE IT.

Deadline: Next Sunday, midnight.

Punishment: Eat an entire DiGiorno Rising Crust pizza in one sitting. Film it. Sounds like a delicious and fun punishment, but that rising crust keeps expanding in your belly... you WILL explode.

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