Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Assignment 12: My closet anew

This past week I was supposed to redo a space that had been nagging at me to do just that. Sadly, all of my spaces had been having the "please do something with me soon, for the love of Jesus" conversation with me. Should I redo the desk that has old shades stuffed behind it and computer bags stuffed below? Should I redo my desk at work that has at least one ant vistor per day? Should I redo my closet, which I had already bought expensive, "space saving hangers" for? I ended up going with my closet for this assignment, because I stopped being able to find shoes.

Let me identify some problems with ye olde closete.
Probleme One: All of these clothes still need to go in the closet.Solution/ After: Use those expesive space saving hangers you bought from Bed Bath and Beyond three weeks ago, which even with the coupons you couldn't justify spending that kind of money other than "if my closet were a starving homeless man, I just fed him with caviar... but still I did a good deed... I took away hunger".
They DO look purdy
Finally! With the bed cleared my elephant can get back to eating my dog.

Probleme Twoe: My pants were the only things not on space saving hangers, because I was waiting for the hanger clips to come. See those long hanging pants just taking up tons of room? Gah.

Solution/After: Yay! The clips came just in time. Bed, Bath and Beyond you and your 20% coupons that never expire ARE the greatest!

Space saved? Debatable.

Probleme Threee: The top of my closet is an ass fest. (But Mastermind is fun)
Solution/ After: Get rid of those shopping bags with handles that you're saving in a giant silver Sketchers bag for absolutely no reason and put your giant-box-Christmas-tree on the bottom of the shelf. Everything can stack around that. Even rain boots! (Okay, Quiddler is really fun too. Check it out if you're into words).
(I'm sorry... but is the rod in my closet bowing in the middle?)

Probleme Foure: My shoes are a hot mess on the ground.
Solution/After: Get an old wine holder and use that for your flats.
TA DA! Closet, anew.