Monday, April 27, 2009

assignment 14 wait wait wait!


I had these quotes.
I had the memory of posting these quotes when i may or may not have been gorging myself on left overs while watching dvr instead. but i have the quotes. i realize i am being sketchy right now, but i promise to be harder on myself in the future when i am not already so hard on myself.

1.) if you don't totally hate your job, you've WON. --h.s. to me, after i got fired
2.) sometimes i think my life is an elaborate joke being played on me by my self esteem.-- me to myself, after i got fired.
3.) visit my magic box.--title of a poem by an anonymous chicago public school student who clearly has a more refined sense of humor than i do. why am i so immature?

and i have been telling people to visit my magic box ever since.
over and out.

P.S. i have to add this quote--
really it's a math equation said by my friend ricky in rehearsal when someone questioned the physics of the dolly he created to carry him across stage for a movement piece.

"it's not physics its arithmatic. you talking plus i don't like what you're saying equals fuck you bitch!"

yes. i wish i thought like this when encountering dissent in my daily life. (even though the physics might have been totally off.)

final end transmission.

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