Sunday, April 12, 2009

ASSIGNMENT 12: change of space complete

check it out. the above picture is a picture of my desk, with--no kidding, the box of 3 year old check stubs and bottle of windex that i apparently thought was integral to me getting work done. also, the computer on that desk is not even my computer. oh boy, oh yeah!

hey guess what i fixed my desk.
i decided to give the printer its own personal space and let my own computer sit where the computer is supposed to go. come may, i will most likely be sans job/job prospects BUT i will have a nifty workspace that i can continue to deduct as a "home office space" from my rent come tax time! e-mail and funny cat videos on you tue 24/7! OH BOY, OH YEAH!

that's right. i bought a white board. with teeny tiny adorable magnetic erasable markers.

kate stay tuned for the pic of the AWESOME gifts!


  1. Hey! I see your belt buckle and pastry blender... I totally see them.

    I have a couple of thoughts for you...
    1. Picture of you and Jordan in classy frame... adorabees.
    2. Green polka dot suitcase? Winner of best suitcase award.
    3. Those magnetic markers are seriously cute. Rule for the dry erase board... you may only write positive, self-loving things there. Agreed?
    4. You totally painted that desk too, right?

  2. 1.) yes i painted the desk!
    2.) the pic was a poster for a one-off show we hosted/put together that i will tell you about the next time we TALK!
    3.) i have the hiccups!
    4.) is your closet still clean?