Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ASSIGNMENT 12: change of space


sorry. this is belated. i am self flagellating as we speak (though that has nothing to do with the guilt over the late assignment.)

here we gooooo!

you know how sometimes you are at home, and you are looking for something important like your check book or a clean pair of underwear, and an hour later you are still looking? yeah, well, rent's overdue AND you are gross.

or maybe you aren't a dirty sasquatch like i am, but the walls of your bedroom are all empty like the inside of a padded cell in an insane asylum.

either way: that is no way for you to live.
i mean it.

you have until sunday of next week to change one part of your space for the better, prettier, or just plain not worser. by space i mean at home or at work or kate maybe even in your case your boyfriends home? (have i just started a chain of passive aggressive events on the home front?) anyway, and why am i still explaining this--but choose one part of your space that has been nagging you in the rapidly diminishing martha stewart gland in your brain (it was supposed to kick in by now, right! right?) and do it up right! show us the pre and post photos so we can pretend we are "real simple" magazine.

punishment: you have to make a video of yourself singing the entire lionel richie song "hello" acapella while eating jello pudding cups. you choose the flavor.

p.s. kate i got that belt buckle as soon as i compile the outfit you will see my midsection in all its patriotic glory.

laura out!


  1. Your gift was split in two... watch out for the next!