Friday, January 9, 2009

Assignment Number Two: Purpose in the Machine.

hi there. my turn.

are you ready to seek? no hiding. the task is to find the purpose in the machine.

assignment: get on the internet. find an online career test. ANY online career test, but especially one that has the cyber key to your soul. take the test. summarize the results in any way you want. include a list of 7 reasons why you are or are not currently pursuing your chosen "career."

buffy says: "it's go ti

*editors note: buffy** found her calling when she was 15. what the hell is wrong with you?

**editors note to the note. yes i am a woman in her twenties who still identifies with buffy the vampire slayer. what the hell is wrong with me?

due date: saturday january 17th by noon, your time.

you can't spend more than 5 bucks on this assignment. any you are not allowed to give anyone your social security number. that is the first step to doing the opposite of finding your identity. stop being so stupid.

i am stealing this punishment from kate because it's...just, so...HARROWING. if you fail to complete the assignment, and jesus, it's just on the internet so how lazy can you be, i mean, you're on the internet right now aren't you?--plus, this is your FUTURE we are talking about here, so get on it i am tired of hearing you whine about your lack of blah blah blah--anyway, if you fail to complete the assignment, you'll have to take 5 shaky face pictures of yourself and post the ugliest. Definition of shaky face: you shake your face while taking a picture. It is ugly. the end.

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  1. i like the challenge and the blog. Thumbs up suckers!!!!