Tuesday, January 6, 2009


um, hi. first of all, i am stupid. it took me 45 minutes to upload all of the photos i took for this blog entry. i think i swore, like three times, (yes i dropped the f-bomb) very violently, and like how my dad used to swear when he would get mad and at the snowblower. for shame.

um. so my assignment was to make a snow(less) man out of anything we had lying around in abundance. i of course, chose to make mine out of...
insecurities. because i had a garbage can full of money but i spent it all. for shame.


*i am aware of how many of the slips of paper are misspelled. trust me, i am insecure about it.

do you like being talked to like you are four years old? if so, here is a game:
The Insecure Snowman Went To A PARTY! Can you spot The Insecure SNOWMAN*??!! mmmmMMM?

*answer: he's right over THERE!

sometimes, our insecurities are founded in reality. right, insecure snowman? and by REALITY i mean that shadowy death hand from your imagination really can hover over ones face while they are asleep...in reality. For real. Can you spot the SHADOWY DEATH HAND*?!

*that's my hand and not an actual shadowy death hand. but it is a real life dramatization of what would happen if you were to become suddenly terrorized by a shadowy death hand, so it is REAL, at least in spirit.

Thanks insecure snowman. We love you. goodnight.

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