Sunday, January 25, 2009

I am my own supermodel. Assignment 3.

Real Women Have Curves. Dove- A campaign for REAL beauty, you fatty fat fats.

Marijuana. Pass it on.

Puppies. Save one today.

End Communism now. *
* Paid for by "Americans against all things red".

Sesame Street. Weekdays at 8 and 10.
This assignment was brought to you by the things I do every week; pray to President Obama, work at desk job, cook meals in microwave, run and shower.


  1. sorry laura, but kate wins this one purely based on how artistic* her photos are.

    *black and white

  2. you know what lacy, when is the last time you ever bought something in black and white? except a marble frosted donut, or a black t-shirt with white letters.

    no offense kate, but i hope this offends you: that's just false advertising.

    and lacy: i decided to change your mind. i win.


  3. Ladies, ladies... this is not a competition. This is a co-operative artistic awakening. Laura and I are COLLABORATING. I am merely one part of the team that is Laura and Kate. By myself I am nothing.

    That being said, I am totally going to out-original the shit out of you in the next assignment, Laura! Hope you're feeling "creative", dumb head.