Sunday, March 29, 2009

11:2: Inviting you...

What: A "I'm sick of living out of bags when I go to my boyfriend's place" party, celebrating my newfound determination to leave my things in hidden spots at his place and my dedication to lessening the work I must do for this relationship.

Who is Invited: Laura Grey, Sojourner Truth (she did so much for women!), all of my ex-boyfriends

Where: My boyfriend's apartment. This sabotage is for real.

Food served: Alcohol from the tiny plane bottles and chicken nuggets- both are easy to hide.

Entertainment: We are going to play a game called "Take One Leave One". The object is to take one thing from my boyfriend's place, and to leave one thing of your own there WITHOUT BEING CAUGHT. The game begins as soon as you enter the party. If you get caught you have to leave the party.

Prize: You get to pick from one of my many bags that I will no longer need. Please see above picture.
What you should bring: Something from my registry. I am registered at


  1. Okayokayokay.
    I am calling you BOTH out on throwing NOT REAL PARTIES.
    Because I think you are both scared of throwing/hosting parties. (I am too)
    But that fear made this assignment so hardcore and exciting!!!! Then you both kind of pussed. It is ballsy to throw a party and ask for presents, admit it. Someone threw the glove, then you both backed off. AND I'M CALLING YOU OUT ON IT!!!! Because your blog is awesome and I love it.

  2. Lacy, I will fly to Chicago and kill you. That is what I do to people who so aptly and ably call me out!

  3. maybe your next assignment should be killing me. Laura has the obvious edge, but Kate is the dark horse. OH THE INTRIGUE!!!!

  4. lacy i will throw a birthday party.
    i will KILL YOU if you do not come! two assignments in oNE!

  5. Laura, I will throw you a party for killing Lacy, then I will kill you, then I will redecorate my place with your parts. I win... three in one.