Wednesday, March 4, 2009

assigmnent 7: delight (the emotion not the band)

this assignment is simple.
take a picture of something that delights you.
you have the space of i haiku (5/7/5 yay japanese!) to describe it.

oh and the deadline is sunday at midnight, cause this is just a shorty. and the punishment is you have to take 30 seconds of video of you humping. something. anything.

p.s. kate happy birthday!

here is a picture of delight/delirium from the sandman.
she started off okay and then got crazy.
i'm not sure right now but i think i would rather be crazy of delight than crazy of disappointments. but maybe that is because i never really contemplated what it would be like to have live butterflies come out of my mouth when i speak. probably just as bad.

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