Monday, March 16, 2009

ASSIGNMENT ten: (dis)comfort food

even though it was hard to stomach, we filled our bellies with self esteem (see past assignment.)
now we are going to eat food. real. food.

your assignment is: to eat something you have never eaten before. give us a before and after story.

i don't care how you want to go about it, you could go to the grocery store and buy that weird fruit that has been eyeballing you like a teeny porcupine and figure out how to deshuck it or whatever you do to a teeny porcupine fruit thingy at the grocery store, you can order something at a fancy restaurant that you can barely pronounce and would normally steer clear of in order to ward off the public shame of saying it aloud, or you can get a recipe for baked alaska and, well, teach me what is in baked alaska, please!

deadline: sunday the 22 of march at midnight.
punishment: take a picture of yourself licking the bottom of your shoe. the shoe you wore that day. you can't clean off the shoe first. no.

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