Sunday, March 15, 2009

Assignment Neuf: Kate's Scavenger Hunt Results

Okay, a really quick confession. I hated this assignment. That being said, it was REALLY really nice of people to take the time to respond and I was overwhelmed by the responses. [Note for the future: when those people need favors, I am theirs.] I totally feel self re-steemed. Except for that my relationship may be over... my boyfriend did NOT respond! Really? Couldn't think of ONE thing I look nice in?!


Best physical feature: Your legs down to the flo'!

I look good in: pink

I am unique because: Is this a real question? You are unique because you talked to everyone in the Willard Cafeteria, no matter who they were or whether or not you knew them. You are unique because you wore all pink outfits all the time just because you liked them. You are unique because of the way you say "ba-uh-by" (baby) and how you a tall, white, Irish lady who does a great Bill Cosby. You are unique because you are a comedian who really cares about family and lame stuff like that.

Time I made you laugh: there isn't a time you haven't made me laugh

You would trade me for my ________: tits - they ARE bigger than mine and we are not getting into this again [editors note: this is the only time I have been envied for my "tits"]

The first time you met me, you thought: this girl is gorgeous AND has integrity (sp). then i realized she was also funny and was like, WOW! i will like to talk to her TOOOOO!

I am at my best: When you are leading. You're a natural. All ages: adults, children, inbetweeners. People want to listen to you. People look up to you. People trust you. I trust you

My best talent is: Rap Dancing

My best trait is: your inability to waste time

In ten years you see me: Following a Parker Posey-esque movie career, married, one baby (it's a boy with red hair named Angus), thin. You are the mom that has kid birthday parties where the adults use the slip n' slide and bouncy as much as the kids do. You also maybe do some red carpet comedy stuff?

In twenty years you see me: Signing your very obnoxious memoir "I Bleed Pink" at the Barnes and Noble in The Grove. The first chapter is "The Spirit of Lucy is Alive and Well." It's a retrospective on your enormous success as a result of three hit sitcoms (each one a spinoff of the last) and a movie franchise based on a character orginally called "The Most Passive-Aggressive Mother on the Planet" during your one season on SNL. In twenty years, you see my waiting in line for you to sign my copy and as I get close enough to say hello, you have me escorted out of the store. It's because I'm not wearing pants.

My legacy will be: whatever you want it to be

What you like about me: I just love you.

If I were President I would be: PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there a funny person I remind you of: yourself

My comedy is unique because: Babies and Grandmas are all the same..

In an audition I should know about myself: You are genuinely and effortlessly funny and only a small percentage of the world fits into that category. If you can trust in yourself completely, there's nothing stopping you.

On stage I should know about myself: you are a badass

When I am feeling down about myself, I should think: My grandfather loves you so much. I mean, that's not a great example but not only are you beautiful, funny and intelligent you also are remarkable with grandparents and babies.

When I want to quit "the biz", I should think: fuck the po-lice.

Write ins:
i admire kate because she is QUICK and disarming! which equals funny because she gets to the truth before you do!


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