Wednesday, March 25, 2009

gift registery for laura's americonomy boosting party.

thats right.

i want to spend my good old hard earned american money. on america (or at least for american-ish things. or things that feel american to me. i can't be bothered to check whether things were actually MADE in america. i mean, what do you want me to do, make measured methodical, researched decisions about what i buy? that's decidedly unpatriotic and i've already stopped listening to you. and by you, i mean the voice inside my head that tells me i am a wanton, hedonistic, consumer who should stop thinking about buying things and start reading mark twain if i want to feel connected to this country in any deeply spiritual way.)

then i found these when i was looking on (where i am registering myself btw)
but they are sold out!!!

the bullet points describing the bible bar say
--all natural whole food bar.
--from the book of deuteronomy.
--the taste is fantastic.
what a shame they are out. you are what you eat, right?

okay here are things i really want to celebrate my new found trust/love in the americonony.

subscription to bust magazine: $19.95. because ladies like to look at pictures and then buy the things they see in the pictures. i'd rather hold up an aldos shoe ad than a mirror to see myself most clearly.

ALSO because i never want to stop being a teen-ager and i think that is a very american feeling.

these colors don't run belt buckle: $7.99
(there is only 2 left in stock, YO!)

real leather belt for interchangeable buckle:

two books for book learnin':

call of the weird: travels in american subcultures (new) $1.85

new roadside america (used) $1.84

season 1 deadwood: sweary tv western $16.98 used (yes dvd owners i will take your sloppy seconds if it means i am supporting the americonomy.)

daisy rock: white daisies guitar strap $9.99 (am promising to learn a taylor hicks song to make this gift more "country".)

wilton bakers adorable yellow handled pastry blender: $6.99.
(i will use this to make the crust of some all american, lattice top apple pie.)

more books: neil gaimen's american gods (yes it's a fantasy novel and written by a brit, but it is set in america and therefore is american) paperback $10.19

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