Sunday, March 22, 2009

Assignment 11: Under 30, Under $30

My friends are getting married. My friends are getting registered for gifts. Friends and siblings are having babies. Friends and siblings are getting registered for gifts. And although I have heard that there is a Sex in the City episode referring to this topic, I will hereby insist that I never watched the show (I really didn't, and if I did ever have HBO in my life I would watch only Real Sex).

Laura and I are under 30 and without any reason to register for free gifts. Or DO WE have a reason.

THE ASSIZZY: This assignment is coming in two parts.

Part 1: By midnight this Wednesday (3/25) you must register on this blog for things you want or need for a made-up occassion. Pick one online vendor, (in other words you can't register for things from that local fruit market you like so much- kiowano! (double parenthesis: too lazy to check last post to see what that puffer fish fruit is actually called)) and come up with 2 to 10 things you would like to have from that vendor. They should all be under $30. Also make up the event that you are registering for. If you want new DVDs, give a list of the DVDs at you would like to have because it's "Fill Your Shelf Day". There is no rule about what type of things you register for, just pick one online vendor, make up an event you are celebrating, make sure all the items are under $30 and make a list of up to 10 of them.

Part 2 will follow once the lists are posted. There is no punishment for this one, El, because there is no reason that you cannot make a quick greedy list by Wednesday at midnight. Shiyyyyiiiit... mine has been composed in my head already... as of last Tuesday.

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