Saturday, March 28, 2009

assignment 11 part two: you are invited.

it is raining, sleeting, and possibly snowing (i am trapped backstage at the theater right now so i have no idea what the real world looks like) in chicago tonight. this is how i feel about that: whatever. that is the preface to my party invitation.

laura's welcome to the americonomy party.
when: the next warm afternoon of chicago sunshine.
where: on the porch of my apartment
what: i will serve you apple pie, i will serve you corona (because
it is the only beer i really like to drink, but don't worry i will affix american flags and pictures of sexy eagles to all of the bottles--pictured below)

you are invited...if you walk by.

$2.00 per plate of pie and and a beer.
that's is no longer for free.

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